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Uba Residence

Sunday, December 15th, 2013

After renovating his condo in downtown Fayetteville, our client realized he had an acoustics issues: Too many hard surfaces for sound to bounce around a small space. He wanted something unique and interesting to add to the ambiance of his historic condo building. The stone wall design was created to serve as a functional sound buffering solution and a beautiful accent wall.

The wall was carefully designed such that each panel is unique in shape. No two panels are the same, including shape as well as depth from the wall. This design, in addition to the fabric from Guilford of Maine, gives the wall the look of stone.


Natural Sciences Museum Shop

Friday, August 16th, 2013

We worked with Witty! and Associates to create this unique wall panel design at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. In this small museum shop, our challenge was to reduce the noise level but also to carry forward the theme of the museum.

For this project, Witty! used an image from the Hubble Telescope to use on the panels and on the windows above. We used a silkscreen fabric from Pictura Graphics that was acoustically transparent for the panels, and coordinated the installation to line up with the image on the windows above.