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Carolina Place Lobby Renovation

Thursday, January 30th, 2014

The property owner wanted to update Carolina Place, a commercial office building in Raleigh, N.C., from Class B to Class A office space. Our work was focused on  installing acoustical wall panels in this two story lobby. We worked with Riley Lewis General Contractors on the project.

The design included one inch aluminum horizontal and vertical reveals that tie into the existing glass wall. The challenge on this project was to align all the components to fit in an existing building, and on multiple surfaces. The simplicity of the design and clean lines give this lobby a modern, uncomplicated look.

Because this is an occupied building, the lobby was in constant use. We adjusted our schedule and made extra efforts to keep our work space clear and hold construction noise to a minimum. We have a lot of experience working in occupied buildings and understand the importance of not disrupting the business of tenants.


Themis Media

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

Any space crowded with dozens of people will create high noise levels. In an office setting, this can be distracting and disruptive. With concrete walls, floors, and ceilings exacerbating the problem, Themis Media found themselves in this situation before contacting us.

In order to bring interest to the common area’s large, unusable space, the company owner came up with the idea for a unique model starship, which LendLease created. We added wall panels and wrapped the model starship in acoustical fiberboard and fabric. Using our panels as the starship’s outer layer, we cut down on the overall noise and echo levels tremendously.


Cary Train Station

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

After performing an acoustics analysis of the Cary Train Station, Daniels and Daniels Construction Company approached us for the project. The station’s acoustics presented a problem in the lobby, where it is critical to ensure easy and clear communication between passengers and AMTRAK personnel.

The Town of Cary and NC DOT wanted to solve the sound issue and deliver a visually interesting product. They also wanted to incorporate local artists into the design of the building that was pleasing to the eye. We partnered with McConnell Studios, a local free-form sculpture studio, to design, build, and install the the framework for this beautiful double helix artistic structure. We fabricated and installed 1″ acoustical panels which were then attached to McConnell’s frame system. The panels effectively absorb sound, and the twisted look gives a unique architectural detail to the lobby area.

SAS Hall at NCSU

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

Working with universities and other institutions of higher education creates a unique opportunity for the use of acoustical products.

As classrooms keep getting larger in both attendance and physical size, acoustics play a very important role in the students’ ability to learn. With the onset of online classes, the learning experience is now at a whole new level.

To overcome these new obstacles to education, the “teaching end” of the classroom must be nearly void of sound reverberation so as not to distract students on the “receiving end” from learning. In designing the acoustical space in SAS Hall, we worked closely with the architect and NC State facilities to accomplish both noise reduction and aesthetics for the space.