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Uba Residence

Sunday, December 15th, 2013

After renovating his condo in downtown Fayetteville, our client realized he had an acoustics issues: Too many hard surfaces for sound to bounce around a small space. He wanted something unique and interesting to add to the ambiance of his historic condo building. The stone wall design was created to serve as a functional sound buffering solution and a beautiful accent wall.

The wall was carefully designed such that each panel is unique in shape. No two panels are the same, including shape as well as depth from the wall. This design, in addition to the fabric from Guilford of Maine, gives the wall the look of stone.


Hay Street Properties

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

The Hay Street property took us to downtown Fayetteville and into the renovation of an historic building on Hay Street. Working with SFL+A Architects, we created an interesting look and feel for this interior, multi-purpose meeting room.

The design team created a unique pattern for this room where no two panels were alike. This required field-fabrication to ensure the design would achieve the desired look. With some pre-planning and laying out each panel in advance, we were able to make this geometric pattern come to life.