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Duke University School of Medicine Learning Center

Thursday, July 11th, 2013

The Duke University School of Medicine Learning Center, located in Durham, North Carolina, had unique acoustic needs in the large multi-purpose space as well as in a tiered lecture hall. Our goals for this project were to create learning spaces that are flexible and can be easily modified to accommodate evolving curriculum, technology, and teaching needs.

The lecture hall included lots of wood paneling, making the room beautiful but also noisy. To control echoes and create an acoustically sound space, we used 0.5″ and two-inch acoustical wall panels. We added panels to the front of the desks to provide additional sound absorption and to make the room warm and inviting.

The curved shape of the classroom, the need to install panels around A/V equipment, and the multiple colors and materials used in the design made this an interesting and detail-oriented project for our team.

We worked with  S/L/A/M Collaborative and Duda Pane Architects to make this learning space warm and functional for students and faculty alike.





Julian S. Carr Building — Durham School of the Arts

Friday, February 15th, 2013

At the Durham School of the Arts, we worked with Louis Cherry and his staff in the Raleigh office of Ratio Architects to accommodate a healthy learning environment in the Julian S. Carr Building in Durham. We installed acoustical wall panels along the hallways to cut down on noise reverberation. The panels are also designed to be tackable surfaces, giving teachers a place to display student work.

We also installed acoustical cylindrical foam baffles to create a unique design and reduce noise levels in the common areas of the school. These baffles were attached to aluminum tubing and hung from the metal frames of the skylight in a design created by the architect. In addition to aesthetics and sound absorption, these baffles also break up the large, previously unusable area beneath the existing skylight.

McColl Trading Room

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

When it comes to large spaces, special attention must be paid to acoustical needs. This is especially true at higher education institutions, where quiet learning environments are so important.

For the McColl Trading Room at the University of North Carolina’s Kenan-Flagler Business School, we worked closely with the architect, Calloway Johnson Moore & West, to design this acoustical space.

Using the Accutrack System, we field-fabricated  custom acoustical wall panels to match existing panels already in place. Through field fabrication, we made any necessary changes on-site, minimizing interruptions and delays. Using Maharam fabric, we installed 2″ panels along the rear wall of the McColl Trading Room.

SAS Hall at NCSU

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

Working with universities and other institutions of higher education creates a unique opportunity for the use of acoustical products.

As classrooms keep getting larger in both attendance and physical size, acoustics play a very important role in the students’ ability to learn. With the onset of online classes, the learning experience is now at a whole new level.

To overcome these new obstacles to education, the “teaching end” of the classroom must be nearly void of sound reverberation so as not to distract students on the “receiving end” from learning. In designing the acoustical space in SAS Hall, we worked closely with the architect and NC State facilities to accomplish both noise reduction and aesthetics for the space.