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Julian S. Carr Building — Durham School of the Arts

Friday, February 15th, 2013

At the Durham School of the Arts, we worked with Louis Cherry and his staff in the Raleigh office of Ratio Architects to accommodate a healthy learning environment in the Julian S. Carr Building in Durham. We installed acoustical wall panels along the hallways to cut down on noise reverberation. The panels are also designed to be tackable surfaces, giving teachers a place to display student work.

We also installed acoustical cylindrical foam baffles to create a unique design and reduce noise levels in the common areas of the school. These baffles were attached to aluminum tubing and hung from the metal frames of the skylight in a design created by the architect. In addition to aesthetics and sound absorption, these baffles also break up the large, previously unusable area beneath the existing skylight.

Sol Schechter Community Hall

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

For the Sol Schechter Community Hall, the building owner needed a solution different from the norm. Without installing any new wall panels, he wanted a type of baffle system that would not hang below the Community Hall’s existing rafters.

We came up with a unique method to meet this project’s goals. Instead of the typical installation of hanging panels vertically, we installed acoustical panels to hang parallel to the floor. By creating a sense of a false ceiling, our panels blended into the room while also softening the look of the metal rafters and deck above.

Kingswood Elementary

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

When it comes to noise control, large open spaces need careful attention – especially those in schools. In Kingswood Elementary School’s case, the architects, Davis-Kane Architects, wanted to give the students and staff a cafeteria that went beyond boring design and solid colors.

Using acoustical wall panels and custom-built baffles, we created a unique design to liven up the room and control noise reverberation. Because each project is field-fabricated and allows for on-site modifications, we can accommodate the most interesting and complex designs. On all of our projects, we work closely with general contractors so that we efficiently manage scheduling and reduce unnecessary delays.