DUMAC Conference Room

Privacy and a quiet working environment are essential elements of any conference room, making this type of space a perfect candidate for acoustical panels.

Sounds issues, particularly echoing, posed a problem for the DUMAC conference room in Durham, NC. Because the project was to be completed in an occupied office building, we coordinated our project schedule closely with the owner in order to not disrupt the building’s occupants.

We worked with the design team at Witty! and Associates, who provided screen-printed images on acoustically-transparent fabric. We used the material on our acoustical, sound-absorbing panels that we installed throughout the conference room, reception area, and board room. In doing so, we effectively eliminated the environment’s sound issues, while delivering an attractive finished product.

In order to create a sense of place, we used unique photos from Duke’s campus. From gargoyles found on many buildings to a rainbow over Duke Chapel, these acoustical panels help brand DUMAC’s offices with many common sights on campus.

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