Alliance Center One

We worked with Jenkins-Peer Architects of Charlotte and J.D. Beam General Contractors of Raleigh on the Alliance Center One on NC State University’s Centennial Campus. This is a beautiful building with a unique “cube” feature that creates a vibrant and bright lobby. While this design is gorgeous and allows for plenty of light, it also means there is a significant issue with sound echoing in the lobby. Our team custom-cut fabric-wrapped acoustical panels for the ceiling and walls of this beautiful lobby for sound absorption. We coordinated with electrical and plumbing contractors to install sprinkler heads and hang chandeliers at the perfect intersection of our panels for aesthetics. Panels on the walls and ceiling prevent sound reflection in a high ceiling area that is prone to echo.

We also installed roller shades, motorized light-filtering shades, installed on the exterior perimeter glass on both the upper and lower tier areas in the lobby. We coordinated with electrical contractors so they could install spot lights to shine up on our shades. These dynamic and modern shades are not only visually appealing, they provide thermal insulation against the heat as well as shade from significant light.

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