Our specialty acoustical products have been installed with public and private clients across the Carolinas. With 15 years of experience, we have worked in a wide variety of interior spaces, including universities and colleges, corporate headquarters, K-12 schools, municipalities, hospitals, museums, conference centers, churches, home theaters, and more.

We partner with architects, interior designers, general contractors, and specialty consultants to ensure your designs become warm, inviting, and beautiful spaces for your clients.

Cary Depot-Scale

Cary Train Station

After performing an acoustics analysis of the Cary Train Station, Daniels and Daniels Construction Company approached us for the project. The station’s acoustics presented a problem in the lobby, where it is critical to ensure easy and clear communication between passengers and AMTRAK personnel. The Town of Cary and NC DOT wanted to solve the […]

UNC Kenan 11

McColl Trading Room

When it comes to large spaces, special attention must be paid to acoustical needs. This is especially true at higher education institutions, where quiet learning environments are so important. For the McColl Trading Room at the University of North Carolina’s Kenan-Flagler Business School, we worked closely with the architect, Calloway Johnson Moore & West, to […]

DUMAC Conference 62

DUMAC Conference Room

Privacy and a quiet working environment are essential elements of any conference room, making this type of space a perfect candidate for acoustical panels. Sounds issues, particularly echoing, posed a problem for the DUMAC conference room in Durham, NC. Because the project was to be completed in an occupied office building, we coordinated our project […]


Kingswood Elementary

When it comes to noise control, large open spaces need careful attention – especially those in schools. In Kingswood Elementary School’s case, the architects, Davis-Kane Architects, wanted to give the students and staff a cafeteria that went beyond boring design and solid colors. Using acoustical wall panels and custom-built baffles, we created a unique design […]


Hayes Barton Baptist Church

Early on, architects realized that sound posed a big problem for the large recreation room at Hayes Barton Baptist Church. The Church’s administration called us in to assess the situation and design acoustical wall panels that would not detract from the room’s beautifully-detailed windows. Field-fabricating the Accutrack┬« panels allowed us to follow the contours of […]


SAS Hall at NCSU

Working with universities and other institutions of higher education creates a unique opportunity for the use of acoustical products. As classrooms keep getting larger in both attendance and physical size, acoustics play a very important role in the students’ ability to learn. With the onset of online classes, the learning experience is now at a […]


Aldert Root Elementary

Noisy stairwells and hallways can be distracting to those students still in class. Aldert Root Elementary School needed a practical solution to control noise in the stairwells and to bring character to the otherwise drab spaces. For this project, we used acoustically transparent fabric and screen-printing to provide a unique design element for the space […]


McKimmon Center

Large conference centers and classrooms have unique acoustical needs in order to provide warm, inviting listening environments for their audiences. The designers of the McKimmon Center renovation wanted our wall panels to create a visually appealing design and a quiet space. With the Accutrack System┬«, we field-fabricated acoustical panels to meet both requirements. Working with […]